Wmforo is pleased to announce the formation of three Regional Advisory Councils across North Carolina.

Through fostering collaboration between readers and journalists, CPP’s volunteer-based councils will enhance the depth, accuracy and relevance of news coverage, ensuring that all North Carolina residents have access to the information they deserve.

The Regional Advisory Councils will be established in three key regions: eastern North Carolina (Fayetteville to the coast), central North Carolina and western North Carolina (west of Charlotte) in order to reflect the diversity of perspectives and communities in North Carolina. Acknowledging distinct regional needs and interests, these councils will help uncover untold stories and solve the information and news gaps identified by residents.

Council members are volunteers and will have the opportunity to:

  • Provide valuable insight and guidance on local stories with statewide relevance.
  • Participate in news planning and partnerships.
  • Provide short essays for our opinion column, NC Talks.
  • Participate in training and leadership development workshops.
  • Have exclusive access to CPP events.
  • Build community with other North Carolinians who care about the role of nonprofit news in community, democracy and similar issues.

“We’re excited to create this opportunity for our readers and partners to have a more direct way to interact with all our programs, from our reporting to special initiatives,” said Angie Newsome, founder and executive director of Wmforo. “Many – if not all – of our most impactful and important journalism has come directly from tips and information our readers have shared.”

Recruitment for the Regional Advisory Councils is ongoing through July 31, 2023, with the first meetings scheduled for mid-August. The majority of meetings will be conducted virtually on a monthly basis. Council members will also have the chance to interact with CPP staff online. An in-person meeting will be held annually to strengthen personal connections, deepen the council's impact and share resources and training opportunities.

Who should apply?

This volunteer opportunity with CPP is open to all North Carolina residents. You should consider applying if you are an avid news reader, are informed about or involved in local issues in your community, and/or are part of a community that is underrepresented in the traditional media. We encourage applicants with diverse and multicultural voices of all ages and experience levels. Paid lobbyists are not eligible to participate, however.

To apply for this unique opportunity to help shape the news, please reach out to Wmforo through this application form. If you have questions, email us at [email protected] and CPP staff will promptly respond with additional information.


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