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Press release from the city of Asheville, shared April 12:

ASHEVILLE – In an ongoing effort to communicate fiscal realities and identify community priorities in the upcoming budget year, Asheville City Council will hold a community budget meeting Thursday, April 18, at 6 p.m. The meeting will take place in the gymnasium of Charles T. Koontz Intermediate School, located at 305 Overlook Road, Asheville.

The community budget meeting is another step in engaging residents in the ongoing budget process.

At a March 12 work session, city staff presented City Council with preliminary balancing strategies to close a $2 million budgetary gap.

On April 3, the public was invited to a town hall meeting at the U.S. Cellular Center where a deeper level of budget balancing strategies were introduced based on forecasted revenue impacts of recently proposed state legislation.

At the April 18 meeting, staff will once again update City Council and the community on new developments, following which members of the public will be asked to participate in small group budget discussions to help prioritize and weigh impacts of budget balancing options.

Background, staff reports and updates on the 2013-2014 budget discussion can be found at

Koontz Intermediate School is located shares an entrance with Valley Springs Middle School. The entrance is located on Overlook Road just north of the intersection with Long Shoals Road and south of the South Asheville Library.

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